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Fery Catur Yuliani S.Kep., Ns., M.Kep


The national competency test is one of the effective ways to improve the education process and sharpen the achievement of competency relevance in accordance with the competency standards required by the community. The national competency test is held by Higher Education in collaboration with Professional Organizations. Implementation is carried out by the organizing committee which is determined by a Decree of the Minister of Research, Technology and Higher Education.

The low percentage of student graduation on the competency exam held by MTKI should be used as an evaluation material for the educational institution S1 Nursing Study Program + Nurse STIKES Duta Gama Klaten. Based on interviews with nurses who have taken the competency test in 2017, it is stated that the lack of preparation when facing a competency test is a factor that affects the results of competency tests, the absence of experience in participating in competency test try outs, while internal or independent try outs have never been held by undergraduate studies Nurse STIKES Duta Gama Klaten. Nurse graduates also said that the type of questions used in the competency test was different from when they were in academics, the use of computer based tests in competency tests was also new for them because during the academic process the written exam used a paper based test. The results of this study identified qualitative data in the form of 6 final themes obtained from participant information, including preparation for facing UKNI; the process of implementing UKNI; evaluation of UKNI results; obstacles in facing UKNI; and the role of institutions in dealing with UKNI.

The conclusion in this study is that the evaluation of the achievement of the STIKES Duta Gama Klaten Nurse Competency Test found that nurses who did not pass the UKNI experienced poor psychological conditions and there was no evaluation or feedback carried out by the institution after the announcement of the UKNI results. The obstacle faced by nurses graduates in preparing UKNI is that they are not maximal in learning. The follow-up plan for STIKES Duta Gama Klaten in facing UKNI will further optimize the socialization of the UKNI grid, conduct mentoring or guidance on UKNI questions, conduct activities to provide motivation to increase enthusiasm and confidence for graduate nurses who will follow and crack UKNI, hold try out internally so that it is expected to produce 100% UKNI results.

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